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Start of the journey of building a Generative Art NFT in public

Start of the journey of building a Generative Art NFT in public

The start of my journey towards learning Creative Coding with Processing, building an NFT with Solidity, and building in public.

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·Jan 25, 2022·

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Searching for a side project can be a hassle! I’ve been juggling around ideas on what to build for quite some time, but nothing ringed me until I came up with this. I want to learn how to create Generative Art and sell it as an NFT.

Why Generative Art?

I’ve been a big fan of Generative Art for some time! I’m constantly looking out for what people like Zach Lieberman are making with openFrameworks and Tim Rodenbröeker. I like the idea of making art with code, replicating the real world with code, and then seeing how it behaves. I’ve never given myself the opportunity to learn this technology and to dive into it.

image.png Credit: Zach Lieberman (Twitter)

Why NFT?

Next to Generative Art, I’ve been peeking into Web 3.0 and NFT’s for a couple of months now. I’m impressed by the amount of hype the technology has created and the communities that have formed around it.

I’ve wanted to create a blog post and a dummy project that would create a simple NFT smart contract. Then one evening, after a 20-minute mindfulness session an idea hit me:

Why don’t I combine the two things that I’ve been interested in learning and create an actual project around the two topics?

Why Build in Public?

Indie hackers

If you haven’t heard of the term Build in Public, here’s a short summary:

It means building a company, a product, or anything and sharing a lot of the transparent "behind the scenes" with its public audience. - Kevon Cheung

Indie hackers are one of those communities that live and breathe building in public. I’ve been following them for some time now, seeing how Rosie Sherry, Courtland Allen, Simon Høiberg build out this great community around building a product in public. People in these communities share the good and the bad parts of building a product. They’ve inspired into what can be done with the power of sharing your process on social media instead of being silent and then trying to market your product.


Trying to come up with blog post ideas and tweet ideas is a pain in the ass if you don’t know what to write about. My struggle was quite high with trying to be consistent with this blog, but then nothing seemed to ring the correct bell until I had the idea above and added the topic of building in public to it:

Why don’t I combine the two things that I’ve been interested in learning and create an actual project around the two topics while sharing my process.

What are my goals for this project?

The goals for what I want to achieve with this project are pretty simple. I want to create a collection of generated art using code and sell it. I do want to split it into more tangible tasks and make better decisions as I go. I’m not a domain expert on any of these topics, but I want to research all of them and figure out what I need and what exactly I want to do as I teach myself the industry of NFT’s

How do my next couple of weeks look like?

I will split the project into three phases:

  1. Learning
  2. Researching
  3. Execution

In the meantime, I will post weekly on my blog tips, tricks, or progress that I’m learning on the way. More frequent and smaller chunks of work are going to be posted on Twitter and Instagram.

The phases

In the “Learning” phase, I’m going to do the following:

The “Research” is going to be structured around:

  • Researching the NFT/Crypto market
  • Learn from similar projects and how they made it
  • Set more concrete requirements for the project (how many NFT’s, what functionality is it going to have, etc.)

Lastly comes the "Execution" of the set goals:

  • Code the project
  • Release the project

Right now, the “Execution” phase is the least elaborate, since I require more knowledge on how releasing an NFT into the world even works.


I do not have an answer as to how long this project will take. I do want to start the Learning phase now and the Research phase in March. I do not want to set strict deadlines for myself at this point.

What does success look like?

Success for me means that I actually follow through with the above phases and execute all of them while writing updates on this blog and Twitter.


I’m very excited to start this project. It’s going to be quite a commitment to actually follow through and not abandon it, but for now, I’m excited to start this journey!

If you want to see more of this, follow me here on Hashnode or hit me up on Twitter!

My Instagram is quite abandoned at this point, but I will start posting sketches soon!

Thanks for reading 👋


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